How to Determine Authentic Sunglasses?

Why do we worry so much about the authenticity of the sunglasses which we are buying?

Not only because we do not want to spend more than they worth, not just because we don't want to feel cheated, and not because we would not be perceived as cheap for wearing them! These reasons are legit, yet, but the main reason is – do not worry about the safety of our eyes under the bright sunlight, but those, who sell knockoffs, would not worry about it for sure.

How to determine the authenticity of the eyewear that buy? Let's see.

For the starters, we want to find out what are these branded eyewear selling, companies doing to provide us with a better quality of product and services, to be loved and recognized by their customers, and to keep up their reputation on the market.

When a company is proud of it's product, they would put all the information about it on the product, if it's possible, and on the packaging too.

What should we know about an eyewear when we buy it?

If it's just sunglasses and they are made to protect eyesight and good look, then what we need to know is:

  1. The level of protection those sunglasses provide.
  2. If they are up to European safety standards.
  3. What country they were made in.
  4. The size of the frame.
  5. The name of the frame color (just in case we want to buy an exact same color as we did before).

All of that is suppose to be on the frame of sunglasses and the packaging, that comes with it. "CE" is a certification mark, that tells us, that the product is up to European Economic Area standards. And it's usually engraved on the inner side of the frame, along with a model number, a frame size, a level of protection and the country it was made in. Sometimes the number code of the frame color sometimes also there, though not always, but you should be able to find one in the passport of the item.

The most famous way to tell fake and genuine apart is to look at the company logo, the way it's written. Ray Ban, for example, stays Ray Ban, and doesn't become Pay Ban, or Rai Ban, or Rayi Ban, or any other look-alike or sound-alike versions. The font should stay the same too and suppose to have exact same proportions as the real brand logo has. An important note! The way the logo is applied matters too. Real brand logo is either engraved into the frame or printed on to the lens with a good quality paint, that won't come off as easily, as it does from fake sunglasses.

That way of checking for authenticity is the simplest and most obvious one, and can be usually found in fakes of a very low quality. But then, if signs like that are there, you, probably, already know that that thing in your hands is a fake - the cheap not original version.

Another thing is packaging. A good quality genuine brand sunglasses come with a case, a microfiber cleaning cloth and a passport. The case must be in a pristine condition, have a brand logo engraved or printed on the surface of it and have a look and feel of a well made product. Usually it even smells amazing, that's how much they want to show us they care. The same idea goes for the cloth and the passport. The cloth would be made from a good quality microfiber , have a brand logo printed on it and have edges, that wouldn't fluff, because they are sealed properly.

The passport should be printed on a good quality paper, have ink that does not smudge under moist fingers and no grammar mistakes in the text printed on it.

Another important thing to check for is the conformity of the numbers given in passport that comes with the glasses and the case, and those that are engraved on the frame. They suppose to match completely!

All of those factors play a role in the price of a product. The cheap sunglasses are cheap, because the process of making it was budgetized to death. Caring about quality of the product and customer's safety and satisfaction is not on the priority list of the people who produce and sell knockoffs.

That's where another sign of authenticity is hidden. Brand sunglasses can not be cheap, except outlet eyewear store, where selling original branded sunglasses of old or previous collections with a big discount. In this case you should pay attention to the customers feedbacks about purchased sunglasses on this site.  

Of course, it is important that you like your choice of sunglasses and fit it on your face shape. Be sure to keep the glasses in the case. Scratches on the surface of the lenses greatly impair vision. Bear in mind that on plastic injuries appear very quickly.